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In many men’s life there comes a time when we meet that special someone, fall in love and have to make the once in a lifetime decision:

What should I get for my groomsmen gifts?

For the wife to be, her gifts were decided milliseconds after she became “the one”. Big diamonds, fancy rings and the wedding of her dreams. However for your guys the thought probably never crossed your mind until weeks or days before the wedding. 

Over the past year and a half that Prime Pimpin has been in business, we have had many people email us with their product ideas. Some people want us to sell pimp canes, some think that pimp hats would be cool, we have even had one request to carry fur coats.

Since we are always looking for the newest dopest thing, we appreciate your ideas, and have made it easy to submit them to us using our contact form.

If you've got style, the swaggar, and immaculate timing,
And you're livin in a state where the sun is always shining,
Arizona was founded back in 1912,
And ASU girls are hotter than hell,
If you're rockin floor seats and watchin the Suns,
And praying for another Cardinals Super Bowl run,
You could be in Phoenix or Tucson or Yuma for that matter,
And you throw crazy parties like the Mad Hatter,
If being the most awesome is your intent,
Then you might just be an Arizona Pimp.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a huge fan of theme parties. The "Pimp n Ho" is a classic that will never get old. Let’s face it, guys love dressing like pimps and looking at the girls, and girls just love to dress up.