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The Most Original and Unique Theme Party Ideas - Part 1

Okay, so who DOESN'T love a good theme party from time to time. For guys it's a chance to dress up as that dorky cartoon character that you loved as a kid and not get made fun of. For girls it's a chance to flaunt what you've got without being judged.

Here at Prime Pimpin we always recommend throwing a Pimp n' Ho party and mandating that everybody buys a Pimp Cup from us. It will be one hell of a party, I promise.

After you have successfully completely the Pimp n' Ho party as mentioned above, you should start planning your next theme party. Be unique, be creative...or just "borrow" one from our list below. Just make sure I get invited.

Original Theme Party Ideas

Beach Party

A day at the beach. There should be frisbees and nerf footballs being tossed around. Set up a volley ball game or badmitten. If you are a big baller, have some sand flown in from Fiji. Guys should wear board shorts and flops and girls should break out their finest bikini.

Bonus points for the person that shows up with a metal detector.

Preteens and Pedophiles

I have actually thrown one of these parties and the reaction you get when you tell people about it is priceless. Guys dress up like your middle school gym teacher or a catholic priest. Girls can use that catholic school girl outfit they have stashed or can arrive with pig tails and freckles.

Bonus Points if the party host doesn't get added to the FBI watch list.

Theme Party DJ

Anything But Clothes (ABC)

Just like it sounds. You can show up wearing anything but clothes. I recommend taking a trip to the local dollar store and creatively finding anything you can to cover your goods. Saran wrap works great to hold things to on, just don't get carried away and remember that you will need to use the bathroom at some point during the night.

Bonus Points for anybody wearing nothing under the saran wrap. And by anybody, I mean girls.

Movie Premiere

This party is super exclusive and invite only. If you aren't on the list, you aren't getting in. There should be a runway that is roped off and don't forget a spot for the paparazzi to snag photo's of all your guest. Both guys and girls are dressing to impress because the world is watching.

Bonus Points if TMZ actually shows up.

Mental Patients

What is the difference between someone who is insane and me? I am not insane. :-) Actually, I think we are all a little bit crazy these days and a party with padding on the walls is just awesome. Dress up like your favorite serial killer or show up buck naked, it's your world for the night.

Bonus Points if the punch is spiked with LSD (only kidding - DO NOT do this).

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