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Is It Illegal to Use a 40 Koozie During an Edward Scissor Hands Party?

Edward Scissor Hands

The introduction of the 40 Koozie has caused innovative individuals to use or attempt to use the Koozie during Edward Scissor Hands (ESH). Disagreement over the application of the Koozie has lead to the obvious question

Edward 40 Hands - Photo By Flickr User uc_candide
Photo By Flickr User uc_candide

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"Is it illegal to use a 40 Koozie during an Edward Scissor Hands Party?"

There are two philosophies on the answer of the question, each centered on the fact that the 40 Koozie keeps the 40 ounce drink cold for a long period of time.  One perspective is that the Koozie should be illegal during ESH because a warm beverage is an appropriate penalty for slow drinkers. The other, more enlightened perspective, is that the 40 Koozie should be legal during ESH because it increases the probability that participates can complete ESH.

ESH must be understood before there is any discussion regarding the use of a Koozie. ESH is a drinking game in which participants attach (usually via tape) 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor to each hand and are not allowed to remove the bottle until it is empty.  House rules determine if one empty bottle can be removed or if both bottles must stay attached until both are empty.  The player gains respect and honor if they can drink the 40s without removing a bottle or vomiting.

ESH focus on one key challenge – can the player finish the 40s before having to remove them from the hands?  Playing the game is difficultand there are forms of assistance available to give the player a better chance of completing the game.  Participants are able to request phone assistance (someone holding a phone to their ear) and bathroom assistance (if someone will help them) during ESH. The next logical evolution in assistance is keeping the drinks cold, which is facilitated by the revolutionary 40 Koozie. The 40 Koozie keeps the drink cold which increases the chance of ESH success because cold malt liquor tastes better and is easier to drink.

Opponents of 40 Koozie use in ESH have a limited perspective on the ramifications of the product in the game.  It is obvious that without a Koozie the drink will become warm and disgusting.  Fast drinkers want slow drinkers to have to endure the warm drink because it gives the fast drinkers an advantage; however, the purpose of the ESH is simply to finish the 40s.  It is not a competition; it is a social event.  The goal of the social event should be to include as many people as possible in the game.  The 40 Koozie allows more people to participate in ESH, which will make the game more fun and exciting.

In conclusion, the answer to the question:  "Is it illegal to use a 40 Koozie during an Edward Scissor Hands Party?" is, "Not only should the 40 Koozie be legal, it should be standard issue at the party."

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When more people can play ESH, there is a better overall atmosphere, fun, and excitement of the party.

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