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5 Best Wedding Gifts Money Can Buy

Best Wedding Gifts

Bride & Groom Champaign Glasses with BlingOne of the biggest moments in a young couples life isn’t the act of getting married on their wedding day. (Sorry ladies, but you’ll thank me in a minute for enlightening you..)

Then it's got to be the honeymoon, right?


The biggest moment in a young newly weds life happens when they’ve finally tied the knot and are at that exact moment when receive the greatest wedding present of all-time...

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses / Flutes

 "Oh, no you didn't!" you say.

"Oh, yes I did!" I say.

Blinged out champaign glasses aren't only the best wedding present money can buy, they will actually elevate even the "cheesiest" receptions to levels that are...wait for it...legendary.

It’s like tricking everyone you invite into thinking their being invited to some common street fair only to reveal that this soirée is being hosted by royalty. And not just any regals, these hosts will be dawning their own official Groom Pimp Cup with Bow Tie and the Bride with Bling Messenger Bag

What about the official toast? While their pimped-out glasses are great for swilling large amounts throughout the night, it might be necessary that the now happy couple use the pimpified . (That should keep the photos classy while causing high levels of jealousy in the attendees.) And, when the Bride needs a break from those uncomfortable high heels, we have the super comfy Bride with Bling Flip Flops!

Then, as the night presses on, the best man can breakout the blinged-out Bride and Groom Shot Glasses while he kicks it up a notch and gives his real toast to anyone still surviving in the awe of the event. You see the best man and groomsmen have been on the forefront of making this night all that it has been.

They planned the bachelor party using The Prime Pimpin Guide to throwing the ultimate Bachelor Party and are now walking around with their own official Groomsmen Pimp Cup’s attracting all the bridesmaids like strutting peacocks. They’ve even gotten the too school for cool Brown Paper Bag with Handle 40oz Koozies from Prime Pimpin for their soon to be shrinking opportunity's to hangout watching Sunday football.

Ah, what a night.