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Super Duper Dope iPhone 5 Case & Super Duper Dope Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

Super Duper Dope iPhone 5 Case & Super Duper Dope Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

If it's Super Duper Dope then it's super duper fly,
Once you've got it on, you'll be catchin some eyes,
And everybody knows that it's pimp like no other,
If you buy just one, you know you'll want another,
We got your size, cause you know we ball,
iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, we've got them all,
So don't just stand there like you're on a float,

Beer Pong Pimp Shirt

For all of the Beer Pong Champions

"There are many different tables and many different names,
And many different rules, but the goal is all the same,

Toss a ball across the table into a solo cup,
Splash after splash. Do you really think it's luck?

I'm callin back-right, yep, another hit,
That's 3 in a row, it's called a SplashTrick,

If you didn't pour it weak, you wouldn't be standin in a puddle,
And good luck makin 7 with your rebuttle,

Image of Super Awesome 40 oz Koozie

This is no joke, it's a 40oz Koozie! Keep the 40 of your choice colder longer.

Our 40oz Koozie Fits

Mickey's, Olde English (OE), St. Ides, King Cobra, Steel Reserve, even the Coqua. It fit's ALL 40oz Malt Liquor Beverages!

We almost forgot, it's got a freakin awesome handle and has a brown paper bag design. It just doesn't get any more awesome than this.

Buy Today at http://www.primepimpin.com/pimpin-products/pimp-stuff/40oz-koozie-brown-...

40's Made Me Famous

"40's Made Me Famous"

There are a few things that I know and a few things that I don't,
There are some things that I'll try and some that I sure won't,

But when I think to way back when, that day I tried that 40,
I really had no clue that it would give me more authority,

You see...I drank a forty one night and a forty on the next,
I had to try them all to find out which one was the best,